International Art Perspectives: Grace Wang


A famous quote by Degas states “Art is not what you see, but what your make others see.” International students and scholars at LSU bring with them their talents to share. Grace Wang is a visiting scholar from Qingdao, China who is not only pursuing research, but is connecting with the LSU and Baton Rouge communities through the arts. Grace, a doctoral student pursuing Landscape Architecture at Hunan University, has been completing some of her research at LSU since last September. The Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture is one of the leading and top-ranked programs in the United states. Due to LSU’s close research relationship with Hunan University, Grace was able to study and gain international experience at the same time.

Her research focuses on healing places for seniors and others with dementia. Grace says that she likes art and that Landscape Architecture is a part of art that is very usable. It designs things for a purpose. That is what Grace wants to do, she wants to design spaces with purposes. She wants to create a warm and nurturing healing space for those in need. “Those will be very meaningful things for me” Grace says. This is her first time studying abroad. She hopes to broaden her horizons and view of the whole world. Studying at LSU gives her access to a lot of cutting edge information, many opportunities to communicate with other designers, as well as, share and exchange their culture and wisdom. “I can get to exchange my culture from China” Says Grace. She is using this experience to blend ideas from china with new ideas from the United States. Her professor, Jun Zou, associate professor of Interior Design, and classmates have helped trigger design ideas in her research. Grace has also had many opportunities for international conferences to network with more professional designers and explore research methods.

Grace said her experience at LSU has been excellent! She is an Instructor of a Leisure Arts program teaching watercolor painting. She enjoys painting and wanted to find a way to share her artistic knowledge with the LSU and Baton Rouge community. She also volunteers at a senior living community and is working on a collaborative project with her research and the senior living community.  During her weekly visit, Grace is encouraged by the residents because she says they always show her a warm and welcoming environment.

Grace is also a very talented watercolor artist. She held her first exhibit in China two years ago, featuring her view of rural China. Her current exhibition is being housed at the Student Union. Grace uses watercolor painting to preserve her memories and share her cultural experiences. This exhibit expresses her experiences at LSU. She was inspired by the beautiful campus and wanted to artistically express her memories through watercolor painting. Many of the pieces in her current exhibit feature LSU through her eyes. Her exhibit also features some paintings from her first exhibit of rural china. She wanted to include some of her past works to let American people see her view of rural china and her experiences in her home country. Grace says, Professor Jun Zou and other friends at LSU were instrumental in making her exhibit become a reality at the LSU Union Gallery.


Artistic Achievements

  1. 2017    Watercolor Hometown won Excellence Award of the 6th Mt. Lushan international watercolor art festival
  2. 2016    Solo watercolor exhibition at Ziling Art Gallery of Changde, Hunan Province, China 
  3. 2016    Watercolor Empty Hill after Rain in Spring won the first prize of Han Mo Dan Qing Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition of Hunan University
  4. 2016    Watercolor Impression of  Pingtan won the third prize of National University Students Sketch Competition
  5. 2016    Watercolor Fisherfolks’Conversation of Zi River won Excellent Award of the 5th Female Watercolor Artist Exhibition
  6. 2016    Sketch work Life and watercolor Fisherfolks’ Conversation of Zi River were published on journal Architecture and Environment
  7. 2015    Watercolor Impression on Yunnan was selected to exhibit in the “100 National Watercolor Artists” exhibition
  8. 2015    Watercolor Fisherfolks’ Conversation of Zi River was selected to exhibit in the 7th Watercolor & Gouache Exhibition of Hunan Province
  9. 2015    watercolor Home won Excellent Prize of the 4th Female Watercolor Artist Exhibition
  10. 2014    Sketch Folk Houses of Xitang was selected in to Twelfth Five-Year General Higher Education Undergraduate Program National Planning Textbook Performance Techniques of Architectural Drawing. 
  11. 2014, Watercolor the Hut at the Foot of the Mountain was exhibited in the 3rd Female Watercolor Artist Exhibition