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GeoHealth Internationalization Workshop

 On January 25th and 26th International Programs hosted an Internationalization Workshop at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to


 Dr. John Malone, Professor of Pathobiological Science.

start a new three-year NASA grant awarded to Dr. John Malone, Becky Christofferson, SJ Park and Jeff Luvall titled “GeoHealth: A Surveillance and Response System Resource for Vector Borne Disease in the Americas”. Colleagues from Central and South America visited LSU to present their current research on vector borne diseases, how they are affecting their countries, what their research has shown and what tools are needed to further their research. The purpose was to establish a working group to implement a geospatial response and surveillance resource for vector borne diseases, and to internationalize LSU’s research and education missions. The workshop functioned as a sort of kickoff to familiarize each colleague with the current grant’s purpose and goals and to introduce colleagues to each other, so they are familiar with each other’s research. This workshop is a prime example of what LSU’s mission on international education. Additional workshops featuring current projects with LSU and foreign scholars is a great way to promote international ties, exchanges, and agreements with other countries and to help make LSU more collaborative, globally engaged and internationalized as a university. Dr. Malone believes that with research results from NASA’s GeoHealth surveillance and response system, it will make NASA data more useful and available, and it will promote LSU’s overseas involvement. Promoting LSU’s involvement with NASA’s data will allow more international collaborators to have access and use to the data models developed. Furthermore, making LSU faculty aware of the research may encourage them to become involved and participate in Dr. Malone’s international research projects in Brazil. Dr. Malone believes that with more places and faculty members interested in his research, there will be potential for a follow-up International Conference that would continue to promote LSU as an internationalized and globally engaged University.