New Dean of Manship School of Mass Communication talks Internationalization

The Manship School of Mass Communication recently selected a new Dean, Dr. Martin Johnson, who is no stranger to LSU. In the late

Photo og Martin Johnson

Dr. Martin Johnson, Dean of Manship School of Mass CommunicationManship School of Mass Communication

1980’s and early 1990’s Dr. Johnson attended LSU pursuing his BA in Journalism. During his time as a Tiger, he was active in the Manship School of Mass Communications community, being the lead editor of their newspaper, The Daily Reveille. After graduation, Dr. Johnson pursued positions in media and politics, which later formulated into a decision to purse an MA and PhD at Rice University in Political Science. He then became a faculty member at the University of California, Riverside.  Soon afterward, he returned to his Tiger Campus to become a faculty member of the Manship School of Mass Communication. Being an LSU alum, Dean Johnson has a great perspective of LSU values and what it means to be a Tiger. He has an optimistic view for the progression of internationalization within his college.

In an interview with Dr. Johnson, he explained different ways internationalization is already incorporated into the Manship School of Mass Communication's curriculum through programs and classes. “We all know that mass media and mass communication today is an international proposition,” says Dr. Johnson, “so the Manship School is especially interested in internationalization [with]in our curriculum, among our students, and clearly fits…LSU’s Strategic Plan 2025.” On the undergraduate level, there is a required course, Multiculturalism in Media, that all students must take which involves international and global diversity when thinking about questions in the media. On the graduate level, there are courses in International Strategic Communications. Furthermore, study abroad experiences are also available. A program titled Media and Politics in Europe allows students to go to media and governing capitols of Europe to learn how media and politics work within those political systems.

Dr. Johnson would like to expand study abroad and internationalization experiences within his college. He wants to develop more complimentary programs in other parts of the world so that students benefit from the fascinating media systems in other countries. The Manship School already has scholarships for student engagement with study abroad opportunities to assist students in making an international experience financially accessible.  Dr. Johnson is looking forward to working with International Programs, over the next several years, to expand international opportunities and partnerships that can help students become more culturally adept and globally aware.