Health Insurance RequirementLSU Student Health Center

LSU requires that all international students have health insurance coverage that meets LSU's requirements. All international students (except ISEP students) will be charged for LSU health insurance coverage upon arrival unless LSU receives proof of alternate insurance coverage that meets LSU's requirements.

Please note that LSU has previously accepted insurance policies with the following U.S. insurance companies:

  • United States Fire Insurance Company
    • 1-800-244-1180
    • Most of our international students have selected this policy.
  • The Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania
    • 1-866-957-9622
  • AIU Holdings, PSI
    • 1-888-789-4488
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services
    • 1-317-221-8061 or 317-262-2132 or 1-800-605-2282
  • United Healthcare
    • 1-266-221-6901
  • ISEP's health insurance for ISEP students

In order to avoid an LSU insurance charge, your insurance carrier must sign our J-1 Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form confirming your coverage, and you must submit the form upon arrival to Ms. Janice Goodloe ( in the Office of International Services (IS).

Please see the International Services Health Insurance page for more information on the LSU health insurance plan and LSU's health insurance requirements.

For ISEP Students: LSU accepts ISEP's health insurance, and you will not be charged for LSU's health insurance. You are not required to complete the J-1 Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form.