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Dr. Leder

Harald Leder, PhD

Duties: Directs and coordinates all APA activities, from budgeting to strategic planning. Represents APA to LSU and abroad. Fulbright, Gilman, and NSEP scholarship advisor. Summer program director (LSU in Germany) and instructor for German and history.


  • PhD in history from Louisiana State University
  • MA in history from Louisiana State University
  • Graduate studies in history from Universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Undergraduate degrees in English, history, and Spanish from Universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg (Germany)

Hometown: Ansbach, Germany

Studied Abroad/Away: Louisiana State University, USA

Traveled to: Almost all of Europe, Mexico, Taiwan

Favorite Destination: Mexico

Next on your List: Travel in the United States and Latin America

Jill Clemmons

Jill Clemmons,
Assistant Director

Duties: Manages exchanges and faculty-led programs in Europe; serves on LSU's Diversity Task Force


  • MPA in Public Administration from Louisiana State University
  • BA in French literature from Valdosta State University

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia (USA)

Studied Abroad/Away: London, England (University of Roehampton); Paris, France

Traveled to: Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and 24 US states (plus Puerto Rico)

Favorite Destination: On my last trip to Scotland, I stopped in a hostel in Portree, Isle of Skye that had a pet fish and a sign that read “Do not read poetry to this fish. He hates it.” How can you not love a place with such an opinionated fish?

Next on your List: Since missing the extra credit question on a French geography exam that asked “what country lies between France and Spain?” I’ve wanted to see Andorra. If only the points were retroactive!

Marissa Baham

Marissa Baham,
Study Abroad Program Manager


Duties: Manages exchanges and faculty-led programs in Australia, Asia, Americas, Africa, and Antarctica


  • BA in Advertising, minor in Sociology from Louisiana State University

Hometown: Husser, LA (USA)

Traveled to: I love visiting new states, in fact I keep a map at my desk that I update as soon as I get back from a new state. My current count is 38 states. Internationally I spent six months in London and traveled to Denmark, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Favorite Destination: This is really hard for me to answer. Many places I have visited are full of fantastic beauty and wonderful memories. Here’s my top 5 in no particular order: Monte Verde, Costa Rica; Normandy, France; Sedona, Arizona; Barton Springs pool in Austin, TX and London, England.

Next on your List: It depends on what cool new place I just heard or read about. Most days of the week I hear about someplace and I say “Gosh I’d love to go there.” Be it the Maldives or the Corn Palace in Iowa, I love visiting new places. I want to see it all.

Ellen Block

Ellen Block,
Study Abroad Coordinator


Duties: Program accounting


  • BA in English Literature from Louisiana State University

Hometown: Covington, Louisiana (USA)

Traveled to: France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Mexico, and several US states.

Next on your List: Everywhere! The Grand Canyon, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ireland, and Scotland are some of the places I've had my eye on lately. I also want to tent camp in all of the U.S. National Parks.



APA Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are the rock stars of APA. Many of them have studied abroad or participated in an exchange and are able to give interested students valuable advice. Peer Advisor staff our front office and are the first contact that interested students have with APA! You'll also see them around campus making class presentations and helping with marketing-related tasks like Free Speech Alley and the Study Abroad Fair.

APA's Peer Advisors serve an important function in the overall study abroad/away process. They serve as the first step in the advising process by helping you narrow down your program/exchange choices to best suit your situation. Stop into Hatcher Hall and they can print you out a list of schools and programs that allow you to take courses in your major. Remember, all majors can study abroad/away!

Meet the APA Peer Advisors