Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering

Program Overview

The interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Materials Science and Engineering is designed to provide both current LSU graduate students and new graduate students in the College of Engineering and College of Science an opportunity to enhance their career opportunities in industry, government laboratories, academia, and entrepreneurship. The program emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the study of materials and the engineering application of their properties. View the program brochure.


The Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering requires 15 credit hours of coursework in five core studies from eight different departments in two colleges providing the student exposure to:

  •  current topics in materials science and engineering
  • thermodynamics of materials
  • synthesis of materials
  • analysis of materials
  • simulations of materials
Topic Credit Hours LSU Course Title LSU Course Designation




Modern Materials Science & Engineering





Overview of Modern Materials

Low Dimensional Systems

Materials Deformation and Fracture of Engineering Materials

Semiconductor Materials

Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Solid State Physics

Condensed Matter Physics l

PHYS 7895*

CHE 7700*

ME 4733*

EE 7260*

CE 4440

PHYS 4261

PHYS 7363



Thermodynamics of Materials




Thermodynamics of Solid Materials

Statistical Mechanics

Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

Kinetics in Materials Processes

Chemical Thermodynamics

Defects, Diffusion, and Transformation in Solids

ME 7735

PHYS 7225

CHEM 4597

ME 4743

CHEM 4596

ME 7743






Synthesis of Materials







Integrated Circuit Engineering

Solid State Materials Chemistry

Composite Materials: Manufacturing Properties & Design

Thin Films Science and Technology

Processing of Advanced Materials

Macromolecular System l

Macromolecular System ll

Industrial Organic Chemistry

Metal Catalysis

Advanced Lithography and Metrology

EE 7240

CHEM 7770

ME 4783

ME 7953

CHE 4270

CHEM 4010

CHEM 4011

CHEM 4160

CHEM 7760

EE 7244





Materials Analysis






Materials Characterization Using Electron Beam Methods

Surface Physics and Materials Analysis

Spectroscopy - Surface Science

X-ray and Synchrotron Analysis

Advanced Materials Analysis

Damage Characterization and Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

Stress Analysis

Neutron and X-ray Scattering

 ME 7723

PHYS 7360

CHEM 7750

GEOL 7090*

ME 4723

CE 7490


ME 4273

CHEM 7780*






Modeling & Simulation in Materials Science






Finite Element Methods in Engineering

Computational Chemistry

Simulation of Materials

Computational Physics

Finite Element Methods

Plasticity and Viscoplasticity

Mechanics of Composite Materials

Topics in the Mathematics of Material Science

Atomistic Modeling in Earth Materials and Geochemistry

CE 7455

CHEM 7292

ME 7953*

PHYS 7411

CE 4450

CE 7480

CE 7485

MATH 7384

GEOL 7900*


*Offered as a special topics course, check with the offering department to verify matching course title.

Note: Students may petition for credit of other LSU graduate level courses that are related to materials science but not included in this list. The petition should be addressed to the committee chair and include a copy of the syllabus, course description, and general topic area.



Prof. Ying Wang

LSU Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Phone: (225) 578-8577



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