Recent Publications of LSU Faculty 


Kinder, Donald R. and Nathan P. Kalmoe (2017). Neither Liberal nor Conservative 

Articles & Chapters

Nathan P. Kalmoe: "Toward Conflict or Compromise? How Violent Metaphors Polarize Partisan Issue Attitudes" (Nathan P. Kalmoe, Joshua R. Gubler & David A. Wood, 2017)

Alexander Orwin: "In Search of the Comprehensive Science: The Way to Philosophy of Alfarabi's Plato." Interpretation: 44(2): 257-275 (Winter 2018) 

Searles, Kathleen, Glen Smith, and Mingxiao Sui. (2018) “Partisan Media, Electoral Predictions, and Wishful Thinking.” Public Opinion Quarterly Special Issue: Psychology of Elections.

Dunaway, Johanna, Kathleen Searles, Mingxiao Sui, and Newly Paul. (2018) “News Attention in a Mobile Era.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 23(2): 107–124.

James R. Stoner: Review of Floyd Abrams, The Soul of the First Amendment; Timothy Garton Ash, Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World; Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Gillman, Free Speech on Campus; and Sigal R. Ben-Porath, Free Speech on Campus [“The Free Speech Debate”], in Claremont Review of Books, vol. 18, no. 1 (Winter 2018), pp. 36-39

“Comments on Alexander’s Law and Politics: What Is Their Relation?” Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 41(1): 369-372 (Winter 2018)


Balcells, Laia, and Christopher M. Sullivan. (2018). "New findings from conflict archives: An introduction and methodological framework." Journal of Peace Research 55(2): 137-146.

Sullivan, Christopher M., and Christian Davenport. (2018) "Resistance is mobile: Dynamics of repression, challenger adaptation, and surveillance in US ‘Red Squad’and black nationalist archives." Journal of Peace Research 55(2): 175-189.

Sullivan, Christopher M., and Zachary P. O’Keeffe. (2017) "Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can reduce major crime." Nature Human Behaviour 1(10): 730-737


James R. Stoner: “Restoring the Legislative Power: What the Common Law Has to Teach,”  Federalist Society Student Chapter, University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, Illinois, March 28, 2018

The Dignity of Politics,” sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute, at Jenner & Block, Chicago, Illinois, March 27, 2018