Each LSU student is expected to read and understand his/her General Catalog. Once you are a student at LSU, your online degree audit will be a most valuable tool for viewing required courses, allowable substitutions, and courses not available for degree credit.

Also you are required to see an advisor from computer science for one-on-one personal advising to plan your schedule of classes for the semester. Advisors are assigned by the first letter(s) of a student's last name:

A: Dr. Busch
B: Dr. Carver
Ca to Cha: Dr. Feng Chen
Chb to Cz: Dr. Brener
D: Dr. Jianhua Chen
E to F: Dr. Kundu
G: Dr. Lee
H: Dr. Mahmoud
I to K: Dr. Mukhopadhyay
L: Dr. Park
Ma to Me: Dr. Richard
Mf to Mz: Dr. Duncan
N to O: Dr. Shah
P to R: Dr. Sun
Sa to Si: Dr. Triantaphyllou
Sj to Sz: Dr. Chen Wang
T to U: Dr. Qingyang Wang
V to Wi: Dr. Ye
Wj to Z: Dr. Zhang

You need to see Dr. Patti Aymond (, Room 3270A Patrick F. Taylor Hall for the following:

  • Special advising situations: senior checkout, dual major, ROTC, student athlete, study abroad, or co-op
  • Help with your semester-by semester plan of study
  • Class enrollment overrides
  • Special permission of course substitutions
  • Departmental approval (signature) of course work for Computer Science and Second Discipline concentration
  • Departmental approval of elective credits not on the pre-approved list for each concentration
  • Evaluation of transfer credit
  • Approval to take computer science credit tests

Advising appointments are recommended.