Minors for CM Majors

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management curriculum includes two minors within the 125 credit hour degree plan:

Business Administration Minor

ISDS 1100*, ACCT 2000*, ECON 2030*, MGT 3200, MKT 3401, FIN 3715 (18 total hours)

Technical Sales Minor (TECHS)

ACCT 2000*, ECON 2030*, MGT 3200, MKT 3401, IE 3201 or FIN 3715, PHYS 2002*, CMST 1061* or 2060*, CM 4211* (24 total hours)


Minors can help you gain additional understanding and skills that strengthen your competitiveness in the job market. All minors require that students earn a C or better in every course required for the minor, and that the student maintains at least a 2.0 overall GPA in the minor coursework (this includes repeated courses). A listing of all minors at LSU can be found near the front of the LSU General Catalog; descriptions of requirements given may be found in the General Catalog under the corresponding college or department overseeing the minor.

To declare these (and any other) minors, you must see a counselor in the College of Engineering Dean's Office (2228 PFT Hall). They will enter it into the records system, after which it will appear as a new section on your degree audit. You may enroll in multiple minors outside of the ones contained within the CM curriculum.