Distinguished Communicator

Construction Managers often work with upper and middle management, clients, customers and suppliers, and other disciplines. The ability to communicate effectively is critical to their success, and we strongly encourage all eligible CM students to pursue the LSU Distinguished Communicator Certificate as evidence to employers of their communication skills.

Students who are interested in pursuing the Distinguished Communicator certificate should submit an application found on the Communication across the Curriculum website.  As part of the application process, students will also need to submit two of their best communication work samples (writing, speaking, visual, or technological). 

Additional details about the application process and the requirements can be found below. 

A detailed checklist is available from the CxC site. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Apply for the program via PAWS (Students Services > CxC registration). See requirements above. This can be done as early as freshman year.
  2. Attend at least 3 workshops on improving communication skills (CxC holds them regularly).
  3. Start taking CI (communication intensive) courses. You must earn a 3.0 or higher in at least 4 CI courses.
    1. Minimum: 3 written, 2 spoken, 1 visual, & 1 technological (courses are normally certified for at least two modes).
    2. A non-CI course may be considered if the faculty is willing to provide additional communication components and reflection on an individual basis (see individual CI contract)
      1. For CMs, the necessary coursework is normally satisfied by required program courses.
  4. Start compiling documentation from your courses for your Private Portfolio – videos of presentations, reports, PowerPoints, technical documents/ drawings.
  5. Select a faculty advisor and complete the advisor/student contract.
  6. Perform an internship, undergraduate research, study abroad, service learning, or co-op utilizing communication skills (reflection required).
  7. Hold a leadership role on campus (student organization or service learning) or within the community. Reflection required.
  8. Prepare public digital portfolios to demonstrate your work.
  9. Have advisor and CxC committee review your portfolios.

Most CM students will meet the CI course requirements based on their required CM program courses alone.

Transfer students may need to take some general education CI courses, or use an individual CI contract with a CM faculty on another CM course. Communication intensive certified CM courses include:

CM 2116 VT
CM 2215 WS
CM 3111 VT
CM 4221 WT
CM 4202 WS

(W=Written, S=Spoken, V=Visual, T=Technological)

Presentations in these courses can be videotaped for program assessment purposes. Students will generally be able to get video documentation needed for their private portfolios even if they do not join the distinguished communicator program until their sophomore, junior, or early senior year (Note: you must have at least 2 full semesters remaining at the time of application to program).

For information and examples of Portfolios, Check out the LSU Distinguished Communicator Program website.