Teaching Learning Opportunities 

Educator’s Guide to the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary (BTNEP)

The BTNEP Educator’s Guide to the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary is a comprehensive, downloadable source of information and activities for formal and nonformal educators. Grades K-12.

Spirit of the Estuary: Using Art to Understand Ecology (BTNEP)

Spirit of the Estuary is a multi-disciplinary curriculum that addresses wetland environmental issues through the integration of fine art, language art, science, and social studies.

Project WET

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is a collection of over 90 science-based, interdisciplinary activities and lesson plans.  In the United States The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide is only available through workshops. Grades K-12.

Project WILD

Project Wild is only available to teachers by attending a workshop. To sign up for a workshop send an email to info@projectwild.org.

Aquatic Project WILD

Aquatic Project WILD offers activity Guides and workshops emphasize aquatic wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. Activity guides are free of charge to teachers who participate in three to six hour workshop. To sign up for a workshop contact Cheryl Fischer (cfischer@wlf.louisiana.gov, 985/ 882-9601).

Flying WILD

You can receive a copy of Flying WILD: An Educator’s Guide to Celebrating Birds by attending and successfully completing a Flying WILD Educator Training. For workshop information contact Ed McCrea, Flying WILD Outreach (emccrea@eecg.org, 814/ 260-9138).

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands 

More than 50 fun and effective learning-activities for both indoor and outdoor use. These activities focus on the three definitive wetland parameters: water, soil, and plants; and there are animal-oriented exercises as well.

Healthy Water Healthy People:  Water Quality Educators Guide

Available through the Project WET website. You can order the book without having to take a class. Cost is $24.95.

POW! The Planning of Wetlands, An Educator’s Guide

Unlike other schoolyard habitat programs where the design is manufactured by experts and the students are brought in solely for labor, POW!’s 25 hands-on activities are designed to engage the class in all project phases. The 300+ page guide contains a wealth of wetlands information as well as activities that are correlated to National Science Education Standards. You must take the course to get a copy of this resource.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin’s Lessons on the Lake (LPBF/SLU/NOAA)

Activities that teach about watersheds, in particular the Lake Pontchartrain Basin, which is part of the much larger Mississippi River watershed that covers more than half of the United States.

Coastal Louisiana Activity Book


Provides information on Coastal Louisiana and gives young children the opportunity to color, connect the dots, solve mazes, try word searches and more.

Project Learning Tree 

Curriculum resources focusing on forestry, tree life, and forest wildlife. Includes teacher workshop details and comprehensive lesson and activity book correlated by subject, standard, grades, and activity. Teachers must participate in daylong workshop to receive materials, but website includes some lessons and activities.

Louisiana Wetland Education Coalition


A group of educators interested in teaching about Louisiana wetland and coastal issues. Newsletters are sent out every three to four weeks informing listserve members of upcoming workshops and educational opportunities. Free. Contact Dr. Pam Blanchard if you would like to join.