Coastal Roots in the Classroom & Lesson Plans

Compendium of Coastal, Wetland and Restoration Information

This Compendium is a resource to help you locate lessons and activities that focus on restoration and stewardship of Louisiana's coastal habitats. It is a collection of high quality, stable educational materials that are available on the Internet or through local workshops that focus on pertinent and often urgent environmental issues facing our state.

Coastal Roots Lessons

Visit the LA Sea Grant Education website to check out five lessons you might want to incorporate in your classes centered on your CR school nursery. There is also an information sheet about preparing for your restoration fieldtrip. Click on Coastal Roots!

Bloggin' about Coastal Roots

St. Martin Episcopal students are blogging about their experiences working on Coastal Roots. Teachers Kate Marchal and Warren Lind have set up a St. Martin's Coastal Roots Blog to help their students write about and reflect on what they are learning in the CR Program. They are posting pictures as well as comments about their school plant nursery. Contact Dr. Pam Blanchard if you would like to know more about this technology-rich classroom activity.