Kanchan Maiti headshotKanchan Maiti

Position: Professor, Shell Professor in Oceanography/Wetland Studies, Associate Chair, Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-4531

Fax: 225-578-6326

E-mail: kmaiti@lsu.edu 

Office: 1143 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): Presidency College, University of Calcutta

Master's Degrees(s): Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Ph.D.(s): University of South Carolina, Columbia

Research Interests

My research group  focuses on understanding the fate and transport of different forms of carbon in coastal and deep ocean. Photosynthetic fixation of CO2 in surface ocean into different forms of organic carbon effectively removes CO2 from atmosphere. In absence of this process, our atmospheric CO2 concentration would have been ~50% higher than it is at present times. Understanding this process known as the “biological pump” is extremely important in determining the role of ocean in controlling atmospheric CO2and how that might change in future. However a large fraction of this organic carbon fixed by phytoplankton in the ocean gets released back into the water column and atmosphere as CO2 and other inorganic forms of carbon via respiration and microbial decomposition. Thus the availability of organic carbon can directly and indirectly impact various biogeochemical processes in the ocean like formation of hypoxia, increase in ocean acidification, release of various redox sensitive elements and contaminants from the sediments. My research group at LSU seeks to provide answers to some of these fundamental questions related to ocean carbon biogeochemistry and environmental quality through field based observations, natural isotope tracers and laboratory microcosm experiments. Current research themes include -

Upper ocean particle dynamics and biological pump.a group of people in matching shirts and helmets pose with scientific equipment on a ship

Fate and transport of organic matter and contaminants in aquatic systems.

Utilization of artificial and natural radioisotopes to study environmental processes.

Sediment geochemistry and chemical processes at sediment-water interface.

Ocean acidification.

Classes Taught

OCS4126/GEOL4081: Chemical Oceanography
OCS7131: Marine Sediment Geochemistry
OCS7130: Marine Isotope Biogeochemistry
OCS3103: Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Awards & Honors

LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award 2019

LSU Alumni Association Rising Faculty Research Award 2015

Joseph Lipsey, Jr. and Richard A. Lipsey Excellence in Teaching Award 2015

Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award 2015

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Postdoctoral Fellowship 2007

Professional Affiliations and Service Activities

Associate Editor, Marine Chemistry

Recent Publications

Google Scholar Profile

Zhou, K., Dai, M., Maiti, K., Chen, W., Chen, J., Hong, Q., Ma, Y., Xiu, P., Wang, L., Xie, Y. (2020). Impact of physical and biogeochemical forcing on particle export in the South China Sea. Progress in Oceanography https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pocean.2020.102403

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Recent Grants
2020-2022 Maiti, K “Impacts of Eutrophication Driven Acidification in Barataria Bay, LA - Implications for Oyster Health, NOAA Ocean Acidification Program

2020-2023 Xue, Z., Maiti, K., Xu, K. Gillespie, C. “Impact of Non-linear sedimentation on Dredge Area Benthic Ecosystem on Louisiana Shelf” Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

2018-2021 Maiti, K. “Sediment Geochemical Control on Ocean Acidification and Carbon Budget in a River Dominated Shelf System” NSF Chemical Oceanography.

2018-2021 Xue, Z., Maiti, K., Rivera-Monroy, V. H., D'Sa, E. J. “Understanding and Quantifying Carbon Export to Coastal Oceans through Deltaic Systems” NASA-BoR.

2018-2020 Maiti, K. “A Rapid Response to Hurricane Harvey's Impacts on Coastal Carbon Cycle, Metabolic Balance and Ocean Acidification” NSF Chemical Oceanography.

2017-2020 Xu, K., Maiti K., Xue, Z., Bargu, S., Bentley, S., White, J., Wilson, C. “Development of a Monitoring Program for Water Quality and Biogeochemical Processes of Louisiana Sediment Borrow Areas” Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

2016-2019 Krause, J., Maiti, K. “The Biotic and Abiotic Controls on the Silicon Cycle in the Northern Gulf of Mexico” NSF Chemical Oceanography

2015-2019 Maiti K. “Disequilibria Between Radium-226, Lead-210 and Polonium-210 in the Arctic Ocean and their implications for trace metal distribution” NSF Chemical Oceanography.

2015-2019 Bargu S., Errata R., Maiti, K., Hermann, A. “Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Natural Phytoplankton Communities, Oyster Development and Trophic Interactions” NOAA Louisiana Sea Grant Program.