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What is Faculty Focus?

Faculty Focus encourages LSU Faculty to share best practices in active learning through workshops.

As part of the CAS’s faculty initiative, an annual, one-day workshop is held for LSU faculty and teaching assistants (TAs) to learn innovative strategies proven to increase engagement and learning in large class environments. Faculty members and education specialists share instructional techniques used to motivate and engage students.

Held each summer, Faculty Focus is designed to facilitate collaboration and encourage discussion regarding implementing high impact educational practices into course instruction. This provides a unique, professional development opportunity for those who teach large classes; those interested in implementing active learning into their courses; and those looking for instructional resources and networking opportunities with colleagues.

Here is what past Faculty Focus workshop guests had to say:

“Very engaging presentations by LSU faculty members. I found that each and all their activities could be applied to my classes.” - Carmela Mattza, Assistant Professor in the Department of World Languages, Cultures and Literatures.

“Outstanding. Insightful. Inspirational.” - Don Ator, Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Agriculture and Agribusiness.

2019 Faculty Focus: Teach Forward by Thinking Backward

May 20, 2019Speaker presenting at 2019 Faculty Focus

Use backward design for a student-centered approach to your teaching.

Very often, faculty inadvertently adopt a teacher-centered approach to their teaching. Typically, a text book is selected, a syllabus is written, lecture slides and classroom activities are designed, and exams are written.

Instead, backward design pilots the course planning experience in reverse through three steps:

  1. Identifying the desired results
  2. Determining acceptable evidences of learning, then...
  3. Designing the learning experience and instruction.  

Faculty participants in the 2019 Faculty Focus engaged in dialogue and discussion with thought leaders and colleagues to begin (or revisit) the backwards design process for their upcoming fall courses.




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