Name Title Specialization Phone Email
Michael Stout Professor, Department Head  Host-Plant Resistance, Forage Crops, IPM 225-578-1837
Aaron Ashbrook Assistant Professor Arthropod Pests of Urban;
Peri-Urban Entomology
Christopher E. Carlton  Emeritus Professor  Diagnostic Services, Curatorial Support  225-578-0425
Jeffrey Davis Professor Soybean IPM 225-578-5618
Rodrigo Diaz Associate Professor Invasive Species Ecology 225-578-1835
Honglin Feng  Assistant Professor  Insect Physiology & Symbiosis 225-578-1832
Lane Foil Pennington Chair for Wildlife Epidemiology Veterinary Insects 225-578-1825
Abner M. Hammond, Jr.  Emeritus Professor  Chemical Ecology  225-578-1828
Kristen Healy Associate Professor Medical Entomology; Public Health Entomology 225-578-7836
Gregg Henderson  Emeritus Professor  Urban Entomology/Formosan Subterranean Termite 225-578-1831
Fangneng Huang L.D. Newsom Professor of IPM Grain Crop Pest Management 225-578-0111
Claudia Husseneder Paul K. Adams Professor of Urban Entomology Population Genetics; Molecular Biology of Insects and Symbionts 225-578-1819
Seth J. Johnson  Emeritus Professor Biological Control and Moth Migration  225-578-1826
Todd Johnson Assistant Professor  Forest Entomology
Billy R. Leonard  Emeritus Professor  Pest Management  225-578-1634
James Ottea John Benjamin Holton Alumni Professor Insecticide Toxicology 225-578-1841
Gadi Reddy  WAE -  Gratis  Chemical Ecology and Pest Management  225-578-1634
Timothy D. Schowalter  Emeritus Professor  Forest and Insect Ecology; Bark Beetles  225-578-1827
Qian "Karen" Sun Assistant Professor Urban Entomology 225-578-1831
James Villegas Assistant Professor Field Crops IPM 225-578-1634
Blake Wilson Assistant Professor Sugarcane and Rice Entomology  985-373-6193


Research Associates & Post Docs


Name Title  Specialization PI Email
MD Panna Ali  Post Doc  IPM & Molecular Biology  MIchael Stout
Victoria Bayless  Research Associate  Curator, LA State Arthropod Museum MIchael Stout
Dinesh Erram  Post Doc  Ecology, Surveillance, and  Control of Arthropods/Vector-Borne Diseases Affecting Human and Animal Health Lane Foil
Christine Gambino
Extension Associate 


Plant Insect Interactions 

Michael Stout & 

Blake Wilson
Logan Herbert Research Associate  Biological Control  Rodrigo Diaz
Forest Huval  Research Associate  Effects of Invasive Ants on Louisiana Sugarcane Thomas Reagan
Mark Murray Research Associate  IPM of Soybean and Sweet Potato Jeff Davis
Tyler Ray T. Musgrove  Research Associate  Soybean IPM  Blake Wilson
Sara Navarro Research Associate  Sweet Potato IPM Jeff Davis
Dane D Shackelford Research Associate  Giant Salvinia  Rodrigo Diaz
Josh Snook  Research Associate  Invasive Insect Management for Coastal Restoration Rodrigo Diaz
Jin Tao  Research Associate  Molecular Biology of Insects & their Symbionts  Claudia Husseneder
Carlos Wiggins  Research Associate  Biological Control  Blake Wilson