C-I Certification Syllabus Statement 

Faculty who are teaching certified Communication-Intensive courses must include the following statement on their syllabus:

This is a certified Communication-Intensive (C-I) course which meets all of the requirements set forth by LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum program, including

  • instruction and assignments emphasizing informal and formal [mode 1] and [mode 2];
  • teaching of discipline-specific communication techniques;
  • use of feedback loops for learning;
  • 40% of the course grade rooted in communication-based work; and
  • practice of ethical and professional work standards.

Students interested in pursuing the LSU Communicator Certificate and/or the LSU Distinguished Communicator Medal may use this C-I course for credit. And don't forget to check out the CxC Studio resources for additional support with all your communication projects in this class and beyond! For more information, visit www.cxc.lsu.edu.