Application Process


  1. Complete Eligibility Form
    1. Eligibility Link
  2. Submit Family Income verification for eligibility
    1. copy of signed 1040
    2. income verification document
  3. How to submit Income verification document
    1. Fax to 225-578-8308
    2. Scan and email to
  4. Once your Eligibility Form and Income Verification have been received and evaluated:
    1. you will receive an email from
      1. with the link to the application document or
      2. if you are deemed ineligible
  5. Complete Application Link
    1. takes approximately an hour to complete
    2. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, you can return to the email, click on the original application link and continue where you left off
  6. Applications will be collected and evaluated bi-weekly at staff meetings
    1. Special consideration given to students who meet the income criteria and are first-generation OR who meet the income criteria and are a student with a disability.
  7. The director via email will notify you as soon as you are accepted.