Academic Affairs (AA)

  • This committee is responsible for all educational matters including academic programs; university faculty (including matters before the Faculty Senate); textbooks; computer-based testing; financial aid; the academic calendar; in-class issues; LSU Libraries (except building hours or maintenance); service-learning courses; and enrollment and admissions.
  • Chair - Calvin Feldt
  • Vice Chair - Gabby Farrar
  • Meeting Time: Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Dhriti Shastri

Gabe Freedman

Joseph “Jay” Reynolds

Avery Watts

Zach Darling

Mohamad Habib

Uyen Diep

Lucrezia Tomassetti 

Avery Williams 

Caroline Rowell

Julius Pallotta

Presley Gilbert

academic affairs committee group photo

Academic Affairs Committee Members

Budget and Appropriations (BA)

BA committee group photo

Budget & Appropriations Committee Members

This committee is responsible for all Student Government fiscal affairs including the SG Budget Bill; budgetary requirements and procedures; deposit and investment of SG funds; salaries of SG employees; revenue measures for both SG and College Councils; and the allocation of corporate sponsorship funds.

  • Chair - Colin Raby
  • Vice Chair - Nicole Monceaux

Meeting Time: Mondays, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Md Tanvir Ahmed Sarkar

Samaria Peters

Jazlyn Gladney

Kendal Frazier

Mavi Pace

Margaux Ward

Tyhlar Holliway

Charlie Hebert

Kayla Guillory

Zachary Broussard

Yoali Angeles

Campus Affairs and Sustainability (CAS)

This committee is responsible for all matters relating to campus infrastructure including on-campus housing (both Residence Halls and Greek housing); construction, demolition or modification of structures or areas on campus; Facility Services; the university Master Plan; sustainability and conservation; campus parking, traffic and transportation; and safety and lighting.

  • Chair - Trevor Cupit
  • Vice Chair - Lilly Small

Meeting Time: Mondays, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Jack Appleton

Rachel Sheppard

Tabari Bowser

Taylor Kennedy

Lilli Bourgeois

Kelsey Womack

Mallory Urban

Ava Ryder

Madilynn Mitchell

Emma Champagne

Brandon Dixon

Cloe Edwards

Tyler Ginn

CAS committee group photo

Campus Affairs and Sustainability Committee Members

Student Life, Diversity, and Community Outreach (SLDCO)

SLDCO committee group photo

Student Life, Diversity, and Community Outreach Committee Members

This committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to student life at LSU, including university disciplinary regulations; non-academic issues with the Student Code of Conduct; cultural affairs; diversity; retention; student constitutional rights and civil liberties; government relations; external affairs of SG; volunteer services; student organizations; entertainment events; Free Speech Plaza; First Year Experience; and the SG delegation system (jointly with Rules). 

  • Chair - Lailah Williams
  • Vice Chair - Chlóe Berry

Meeting Time: Mondays, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Emma Miller

Jocelyn Wood

Corbitt Driskell

Cartie Whitelaw

Jayden Bates

Simmion Demery

Stefen Brower 

Alisha Ortolano

Ella Paddock

Madison Reynolds

John Savoy

Ryan Griffin

Rami Abdalla 

Cullen Hodges

Student Auxiliaries & Services (SAS)

This committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to student services including athletics (including student ticketing, Tiger Stadium, priority points, and intramural sports); university technology and Information Technology Services (including Moodle, myLSU and TigerMail); LSU Dining (including Student Union vendors and Chartwells); University Recreation; the Tiger Card and TigerCASH; and student fees. 

  • Chair - Gabby Fontenot
  • Vice Chair - Brett Robertson

Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Kennedy Bissant

Samaya Chin

Brian Gage

An Tra

Rachel Morgan

Taylor Davlin

Abigail Gremillion

Aimee Guillory

Jacopo Aldrighetti

Molly Fann

SAS committee group photo

Student Auxiliaries & Services Committee Members


rules committee group photo

Rules Committee Members

This committee is responsible for all internal matters of the Student Senate including services for Senate members or committees; amendments to any of the Governing Documents; appointment of students to office in SG; the delegation and caucus system (jointly with SLDCO); and elections and the Election Board. 

  • Chair - Emma Long
  • Vice Chair - Ethan Elmer

Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m.

Chair: SPT Long

Vice Chair: Ethan Elmer

Calvin Feldt

Colin Raby

Trevor Cupit

Gabriella Fontenot

Lailah Williams

Lavar Henderson

Alicia Cerquone