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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is comprised of the University Court and the Judicial Staff.

The University Court is led by a Chief Justice who arranges regularly scheduled meetings, informs all members of the Judicial Branch of upcoming hearings, and carries out various enumerated directives listed in the Rules of Court. Under the Chief Justice serves the Deputy Chief Justice whose responsibilities include but are not limited to meeting with all parties prior to hearings and serving as the official correspondent of the Judicial Branch to any parties in a hearing. The rest of the University Court is formed by a number of Associate Justices who impartially and to the best of their abilities interpret and rule on the provisions of all LSU Student Government Governing Documents.

The Judicial Staff serves to assist the University Court in a variety of facets. The Clerk(s) of Court are responsible for receiving and forwarding all complaints filed with the Court and for keeping the records of the Court as the official archivist. The Public Defender(s) are responsible for providing counsel to any student brought before the University Court if requested. The Solicitor General is responsible for acting as an independent investigator and advocate of students’ rights. The Judicial Aide(s) are responsible for assisting the aforementioned positions in administrative and clerical matters.