• Compare mass to weight: Hang 1-kilogram from spring schale - weighs 9.8 N
  • Compare meter to yard by showing both sides of "meter stick"
  • Size of 1 square meter

Vector Analysis

Motion in One Dimension

Motion in Two Dimensions

Newton's First Law

Newton's Second Law

Newton's Third Law

Statics of Rigid Bodies

Applications of Newton's Laws


Work and Energy

Linear Momentum and Collisions

Rotational Dynamics

Properties of Matter

    • Hooke's Law vs. spring constant w/different springs and weights
    • Density/"float" coke and diet coke cans in jar of water - diet lighter
    • Density in solids - beaker of puffed rice w/golf ball and ping pong ball; 1 floats, other sinks
    • Density - "foam" rock crushes in your hand and floats (looks are deceiving)
    • Coefficient of Restitution: Sad and happy and "confused" balls