Fall 2014

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host

Aug. 28
3:30 PM
109 Nicholson

"The beauty of physics: patterns, principles, and perspectives"
Ravi Rau Louisiana State University Juhan Frank
Sept. 4 "Results from the T2K Experiment"
Thomas Kutter Louisiana State University Juhan Frank
Sept. 11 "Giant Ionized Clouds and the History of Active Galactic Nuclei"
William Keel University of Alabama Arlo Landolt
Sept. 18 "Testing Einstein's gravity with black holes"
Chris Done University of Durham Rob Hynes
Sept. 25 "Nuclear Reactions: A Challenge for Few- and Many-Body Theory"
Charlotte Elster Ohio University, Athens Kristina Launey
Oct. 2 Fall Holiday

Oct. 9

"Microscopic driving forces in electron liquid-crystal transitions: a case studied in La1/3Ca2/3MnO3"
Jing Tao Brookhaven National Laboratory Jiandi Zhang
Oct. 16 "Relation between the psychological and thermodynamic arrows of time"
Todd A. Brun University of Southern California Mark Wilde
Oct. 23 "The Impact of Binary Stars on Our Understanding of Supernova Progenitors"
Ori Fox University of Berkeley Geoff Clayton
Oct. 30 "Exploring Intertwined Orders in High-Temperature Superconductors"
John Tranquada Brookhaven National Laboratory Ward Plummer
Nov. 6        
Nov. 13        
Nov. 20        
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec. 4 "What's the (Quantum) Matter with Black Holes?"
Emil Mottola Los Alamos National Laboratory Ivan Agullo
Dec. 11 "Discovery of the Chemical Signature of First-Generation Massive Stars"
Timothy C. Beers University of Notre Dame Jeff Blackmon