Chancellor's Distinguished Lecture Series

Date Title of Talk Speaker Speaker's Institution Host
Nov. 14, 2008 "The Quantum Criticality Conundrum"
Dr. Robert B. Laughlin  Stanford University  Dr. Ilya Vekhter
March 15, 2006 "Einstein's Vision and the Quantum Universe"
Dr. James Hartle University of California-Santa Barbara  Dr. Jorge Pullin
Phys. & Astro.
Jan. 26, 2005 "The Dark Side of the Universe: Beyond the Stars and the Starstuff We are Made of"

Dr. Michael Turner

Assistant Director for Mathematical and Physical Resources, National Science Foundation

Rauner Distinguished Service Professor,
The University of Chicago

Dr. Jorge Pullin
Phys. & Astro. 
Feb. 27, 2004 "The Search for Dark Matter" Dr. Bernard Sadoulet Director,
Center for Particle Astrophysics,
University of California-Berkeley 
Dr. Robert Svoboda
Phys. & Astro.
Feb. 11, 2004

"Strange Views of Space and Time: Fron Einstein to String Theory"

5:00 PM
130 Howe-Russell

Dr. Gary Horowitz University of California-
Santa Barbara
Dept. of Physics 
Dr. Jorge Pullin
Phys. & Astro.
Sept. 25, 2000 "A Runaway Universe?
Supernovae and Cosmic Expansion"

Dr. Robert Kirshner

Harvard University
Dept. of Astronomy 
Drs. Arlo Landolt
Joel Tohline
Phys. & Astro. 
May 1, 2000 "Space Exploration" Dr. Daniel Goldin NASA Administrator   Dr. John Wefel
Phys. & Astro.
Oct. 10, 1999 "History of Superconductivity:
A Prime Example of the Scientific Method"
Dr. Robert Schrieffer National High Magnetic Field Laboratory,
Florida State University 
Dr. Roy Goodrich
Phys. & Astro.
Sept. 9, 1999 "The Cosmic Triangle: The Mass, Acceleration and Curvature of the Universe" Dr. Neta Bahcall Princeton University,
Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences
Dr. Michael Cherry
Phys. & Astro.