MicroWriter ML3 Pro

MicroWriter ML3 Pro/Durham Magneto Optics

The MicroWriter ML3 Pro is a direct-write photolithography machine for rapid prototyping. 

The ML3 Pro can write features down to 400nm into photoresists over a 195mm x 195mm x 15mm area.  

Key Features:

  • 195mm x 195mm maximum writing area
  • 230mm x 230mm x15mm maximum wafer size
  • 0.4µm, 0.6µm, 1µm, 2µm and 5µm minimum sizes across full writing area
  • 365nm light source
  • XY interferometer with 1nm resolution for precise motion control
  • Writing speeds - up to:  17mm²/minute (0.6µm minimum feature size), 50mm²/minute ( 1µm minimum feature size),120mm²/minute (2µm minimum feature size) and 180mm²/minute ( 5µm minimum feature size)
  • Auto focus system using yellow light with real-time surface tracking laser - no minimum wafer size