Oxford ICP-DRIE System

etch tool

The OXFORD ICP-DRIE System 100 ICP180 is an inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etch tool capable of etching wafers up to 6” diameter. This system performs dry etching of Si, SiO2, SiNx and PMMA, etc with an automatic load lock capable of handling wafers. O2, N2, CF4, and SF6 gases are available to perform various processing applications from cleaning steps and metal layer removal in the LIGA process, to dry bulk micro-machining of Si. 


  • Max Power: 1,250W (ICP source) and 600W (rf generator)
  • Gases: CF4, SF6, O2 and N2
  • Temperature: -150 to 400 C with He and Cryo cooling system
  • DC biasing monitor
  • Semi-automatic processing


  • Able to independently vary chemical components, electrical power and pressure of each etch process
  • High etch sensitivity
  • User defined processing
  • Multiple different masking layers can be used


  • Deep reactive ion etching of Si, SiO2, SiNx and PMMA

For more details and training information contact Sergi Lendinez