neaSNOM Near-Field Optical Microscope


The neaSpec scattering-type Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscope (s-SNOM) combines advanced nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy in a single tool. The versatility of this microscope enables complete characterization of a large range of materials from polymers, biological samples, 2D materials, semiconductors and photonic devices

Customized specifications include:

  • Visible (VIS, 633nm) laser source
  • IR source (near and mid-IR ranging from 1.55um - 10um wavelengths
  • Pulsed-pump @ 1.55um
  • Photoluminescence (PL) Spectroscopy and nano-imaging
  • Tip enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS)
  • Nano-FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
  • Ultrafast pump-probe nanoscopy with fs resolution down to 10nm spatial resolution

Other features:

  • Advanced AFM: tapping mode, Kelvin and conductive AFM, etc.
  • Near-field amplitude and phase resolved microscopy at VIS, near and mid-IR ranges
  • Wide spectral bandwith nano-FTIR @ mid-IR
  • Ultrafast pump-probe microscopy with a 1.55um pump
  • TERS at the nanoscale


Contact Sergi Lendinez for further information