E-Beam Evaporator

ebeam evaporator

The Temescal E-Beam Evaporator allows deposition of metals and other materials on up to four wafers, (4 inch size) simultaneously.


  • Multi-layer films with automatic precise rate control enabled by new controllers
  • Base pressures in the mid 10-8 Torr
  • New Dry and Cryo pumps for rapid pump down
  • (4) pockets, allowing evaporation of multiple materials in a single run
  • Deposition Materials: Al, Cr, Cu,Ti, Ni, In, *Au and *Pt (* materials charged separately according to market value )

Materials Pricing:

  • Platinum $1/nm
  • Gold $1.50/nm

      NOTE:  materials pricing subject to change according to market value 

Contact Sergi Lendinez for further information