Environmental Sciences

You are passionate about the environment and our relationship to it. A career in the environmental sciences may be for you.


Agricultural Business

You are business-minded with a green thumb, and you also have an interest in how crops are grown and distributed. 

Students work at ag magic.

Agricultural & Extension Education

You like sharing your knowledge of agriculture. Indoors or out, this is an area in which you will be able to grow as you teach others. 

Students work on agricultural project.

Animal Sciences

You like learning about animals and their role in society. 

Students work on agricultural project.


You enjoy uncovering our past to understand our future, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty. 

Students take notes during forensic anthropology class.



You envision yourself working in one of the world's oldest sciences, in the ranks of astronomers and astrophysicists, from Nicolaus Copernicus to Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Astronomy student maps constellations.

Coastal Environmental Science

You like scientific discovery and want to be a part of the conservation and preservation of coastal environments and oceanic life.

Student works on project to restore gulf coast.

Disaster Science and Management

You are cool under pressure. When others panic, you look for a solution.

Disaster management students run drills.



You are fascinated by insects and want to learn all about them. 

Students stuy insects.

Environmental Engineering

You like the great outdoors and all of the natural resources it provides.

Environmental engineering students test ph levels.

Environmental Management Systems

You are passionate about the environment and want to promote good stewardship of the earth.

Student presents project.


You are naturally curious about exploring world geography and how new technologies will help us understand culture and our physical landscape.

Student gives presentation on the Middle East.



You enjoy learning about the evolution of life and the planet we call home.

Students work on geology project.


Horticulture Science

You have a green thumb and are intrigued by the many varieties of plant life.

Horticulture students test the soil.

Landscape Architecture

You want to design, plan for and manage our land and cities.

Landscape architecture gives presentation.

Marine Biology

You are fascinated by the ocean, its geology and the aquatic life within it. 

Students conduct gulf coast research.

Natural Resource Ecology and Management

You want to study our natural resources or help protect endangered species. 

Student takes tour of Natural Science Museum.

Petroleum Engineering

You are the type of person who wants to use our natural resources smartly and efficiently with the smallest environmental impact.

Student conduct research on oil rig.


You are interested in learning about the universe around us, as well as within us.

Physics students conduct experiements.

Plant and Soil Systems

You want to be part of the agricultural trend toward innovations in plant breeding that create stronger variations and better production.

Student tests soil.


You love fashion and dream of creating apparel and displaying it for the world to see. 

Student works on fashion project.

Turf & Landscape Management

You see the beauty of a golf course and art in a well-manicured lawn.

Turf at Alex Box Stadium is managed by students.