Business and Management

You are drawn to structure, love problem solving and enjoy analyzing risks. A career in business and management may be for you. 



You are meticulous and exacting, and you love to work with numbers.

Students work on accounting project.

Actuarial Science

You like analyzing financial risks. You are in your element when discussing economics and finance.

Students discuss finances.

Agricultural Business

You are business-minded with a green thumb, and you also have an interest in how crops are grown and distributed. 

Students work at ag magic.

Arts Administration

You are a champion for the arts and their role in the community. 

Students works on art project.

Construction Management

You are a born leader and have the knowledge to build projects from the ground up. 

Students oversee construction site.

Disaster Science and Management

You are cool under pressure. When others panic, you look for a solution.

Disaster management students run drills.

Economics, B.A. or Economics, B.S.

You have a keen interest in the economy - both domestic and global. 

Students listen at financial seminar.

Economics, B.S.

You have a keen interest in the economy - both domestic and global. 

Students listen at financial seminar.


You want to operate, grow, and manage your own business through creativity and innovation.

Students listen at financial seminar.

Environmental Management Systems

You are passionate about the environment and want to promote good stewardship of the earth.

Student presents project.


You are fascinated by the possibilities of investing money and of growing wealth for both yourself and others.

Students discuss finances.

Food Industry Management

You are interested in a business career in the food and consumer products industry.

Students work at dairy store on campus.

General Business

You are intrigued by the corporate world, and you have an independent, entrepreneurial spirit.

Students discuss finances.

Human Resource Education

You are interested in creating a positive work environment that allows employees to live up to their full potential. 

Students listen to presentation in human resource education class.


Industrial Engineering

You want to make complex processes easier in everyday life.

Student makes process more efficient.

Information Systems & Decision Sciences

You are fascinated with technology and precision, and dream of working in a corporate setting.

ITS students work on project.

International Trade & Finance

You like to travel and have a yen for the yen - or the yuan or the euro.

Flags hang at the International Cultural Center.


You enjoy people and organizations. Human behavior, particularly in the workplace, interests you. 

Students give presentations in business management classroom.



You love the thrill of the sale or dream of launching the next big product promotion.

Mass Communication students give an advertising presentation


Natural Resource Ecology and Management

You want to study our natural resources or help protect endangered species. 

Student takes tour of Natural Science Museum.

Public Relations

You are interested in the role that communication plays in image building and want to help shape the message.

Students work on public relations campaign.

Rural Development

Learn about international and domestic rural development, including policy issues and analysis of economic structure and growth. 

Students on site.

Sport Administration

You love the sports industry and want a career that centers around your passion. 

Baseball team heads to College World Series.


You love fashion and dream of creating apparel and displaying it for the world to see. 

Student works on fashion project.