Agricultural Business

You are business-minded with a green thumb, and you also have an interest in how crops are grown and distributed. 

Students work at ag magic.

Agricultural Education

You like sharing your knowledge of agriculture. Indoors or out, this is an area in which you will be able to grow as you teach others. 

Students work on agricultural project.

Animal, Dairy and Poultry Sciences

You like learning about animals and their role in society. 

Students work on agricultural project.



Environmental Management Systems

You are passionate about the environment and want to promote good stewardship of the earth.

Student presents project.

Natural Resource Ecology and Management

You want to study our natural resources or help protect endangered species. 

Student takes tour of Natural Science Museum.

Nutrition and Food Science

You are interested in helping people maintain or achieve good health by teaching them to eat well and live healthier lives.

Student prepares dish in cooking class.


Plant and Soil Systems

You are the type of person who wants to use our natural resources smartly and efficiently with the smallest environmental impact.

Student tests soil.


You love fashion and dream of creating apparel and displaying it for the world to see. 

Student works on fashion project.