Research Participants - SONA

LSU Faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students all conduct psychological research to better understand and quantify human behavior. Many psychology courses offer students the opportunity to participate in psychological experiments as one way to earn credit for a Research Learning Requirement, or one way to gain extra credit. Please check your course syllabus for details about participating in psychological research.

To expedite the process for recruiting and crediting students for research participation, the department uses an online system called the Research Participation System.

The Research Participation System provides an easy online method for you to sign up for psychology research studies to keep track of earned credit, and to allocate credits to your various courses. Note: you should only sign up for studies conducted by the Psychology Department, as indicated by the PSYC designation; you cannot earn psychology credit for non Psychology Department studies.



To sign up for research studies, log in to the Research Participation System.

STUDENTS should read SONA Participant Instructions for information on how to create an account and participate in studies.



To post research studies, also log in to the Research Participation System.

RESEARCHERS should read SONA Researcher and P.I. Guide for details on how to set up their studies in the system.

If you have any questions, email