Spring 2021 Undergraduate Advising: 

Advising During Covid-19

If you need to talk with an adviser, please send an email to PSYC advising: psycadvising@lsu.edu

Your question/need will be addressed in a timely manner. If you need to have a virtual chat with an adviser, please indicate that in the email that you send to PSYC advising. You can also use Navigate to schedule a meeting with an adviser.

You must have a current degree audit with you when seeing an advisor. Also, if you want a course from another university evaluated for transfer credit, please bring descriptive information about the course with you. Such information could include the course syllabus, course notes, the textbook used, and/or a catalog description of the course.

*Course transfer approvals and PACE forms may only be signed by these faculty advisors

For advising questions you can send an email to psycadvising@lsu.edu

The Psychology Department is now offering virtual mentoring to minority students! View more details about virtual minority mentoring.

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