Resources for International Students

Prospective Graduate Students

For admission information see

Current Graduate Students

In general, LSU's International Services (IS) is the best place to go for help:

For employment information see

New students with assistantships

If assistantship involves off-campus employment, students must apply and obtain Cirricular Practical Training (CPT) before the start of the position. International Services has specific information on the CPT application process and timelines. 

New students cannot begin working before International Orientation. 

New students who have not worked in the U.S. before will need to apply for a U.S. Social Security number for employment. Before applying for a SSN, the student needs to be in the U.S. for a minimum of 10 days after completing IS check-in, either at international Student Orientation or in 101 Hatcher Hall. 

Teaching assistantships


In order to be employed as a TA2 or TA3, students must have completed English 1051 or be exempted from the course based on your oral review. This must be completed before the appointment begins, and it is usually scheduled during International Student Orientation.

Funding Opportunities for International Students

Most scholarships and fellowships require citizenship or permanent residency (e.g., NIH, NIMH, NSF)

See funding resources available for international students here.

LSU Alumni Association International Student Scholarship:

External Funding: college/scholarships/databases/