Pre-Law Program

3+3 Pre-Law Program

Want to fast track your education to LSU Law school? 

Fall 2015 was the inaugural semester for the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences’ 3+3 Pre-Law Program for undergraduate students. This program allows LSU students to receive a bachelor’s degree and law degree in 6 years rather than taking the traditional route of 7 years.


How does the 3+3 Pre-Law Program work?

Students follow a prescribed curriculum to complete their major coursework as well as all other required courses for a bachelor’s degree in three years. During junior year, students who meet the LSU Law Center’s entrance requirements can apply for admission.  If accepted, students would be eligible to begin study at the LSU Law Center during their fourth year at LSU, during which completed coursework will count toward the final year of the undergraduate degree as well as the first year of the law degree.

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What does this mean?

This will allow LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences students, who follow the prescribed curriculum, to complete the bachelor’s degree and law degree with three years of full-time study at LSU and three years of full-time study at the LSU Law Center.  

Louisiana students who have the TOPS scholarship can use a year of TOPS funding for the first year of law school as long as semesters of eligibility remain. 


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For more information on the 3+3 Pre-Law Program contact or 225-578-3141


LSU Law Center Facts:

  • Is solidly positioned among the top 100 American law schools in U.S. News and World Report Best Graduate Schools
  • Has the traditional #1 State Bar passage rate in Louisiana
  • Prepares lawyers to address the full range of 21st century issues in the complex energy sector through the LSU John P. Laborde Energy Law Center
  • Boasts more named partners in the top 10 largest Louisiana-based law firms than all other Louisiana law schools combined


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*Students can utilize remaining semesters of TOPS eligibility towards law school.  The value will be LSU's undergraduate tuition applied towards their law school fee bill.  The TOPS award will not cover law school tuition and fees.