Dr. Stacia Haynie, Professor of Political ScienceDr. Stacia L. Haynie  

J.W. Annison Jr., Family Alumni Professor

PhD: University of North Texas
Phone: 225-578-2141
Fax: 225-578-2540
Office: 230 W.C. Stubbs Hall
Email: pohayn@lsu.edu 

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Stacia Haynie studies the legal system in American politics. Her studies include comparative appellate court decision-making in South Africa, the Philippines and India.

Selected Publications

Chua, Lynette J., and Stacia L. Haynie. 2016. "Judicial Review of Executive Power in the Singaporean Context, 1965-2012." Journal of Law and Courts. 4:41-64.

Dumas, Tao L. (graduate student), Stacia L. Haynie, and Dorothy Daboval (undergraduate student). 2015. "Does Size Matter? The Influence of Firm Size on Litigant Success Rate." Justice System Journal. 1-14.

Haynie, Stacia L., and Tao L. Dumas (graduate student). 2014. "The Philippines Supreme Court and Regime Response: 1970-2000." Asian Journal of Comparative Law. 9(1):173-196.

Dumas, Tao L., and Stacia L. Haynie. 2012. "Building an Integrated Model of Trial Court Decision Making: Predicting Plaintiff Success and Awards across Circuits." State Politics & Policy Quarterly. 12 (2): 103-126.

Haynie, Stacia L. Judging in Black and White: Decision Making in the South African Appellate Division, 1950-1990. New York, Peter Lang Inc. International Academic Publishers, 2003. 


POLI 2051 American Government
POLI 4021 The American Constitution and Civil Liberties
POLI 4023 Judicial Politics
POLI 7920 Seminar in Public Law


Dr. Haynie, the J.W. Annnison Jr., Family Alumni Professor, studies judicial politics with special emphasis on comparative appellate court decision-making.  She has particular expertise in the legal systems of South Africa, the Philippines and India. Her studies also include analyses of civil trial court decisions in U.S. state courts.  Dr. Haynie's book, Judging in Black and White: Decision Making in the South African Appellate Division, 1950-1990, explores the decision of judges during the apartheid era of South Africa. Her work has appeared in a variety of academic journals including the Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, Law and Society Review, Journal of Law and Courts, Justice System Journal, South African Journal of Human Rights, Journal of Asian Studies, and Asian Profile. Dr. Haynie teaches courses in American Judicial Politics, American Constitutional Law, Comparative Judicial Politics , and American Public Law. Dr. Haynie has been awarded the Arts and Sciences Professor's Award for Distinguished Scholarship, the LSU University Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, the LSU College of Arts and Science Advisory Council Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Nicholson Award for Outstanding Faculty Member, as well as the Student Government Jeffrey S. Campbell Distinguished Service Memorial Award.