Dr. Bryan McCann Wins Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

On Saturday, November 18, 2017, Dr. Bryan McCann was presented the Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award by the National Communication Association. This award is given annually to a scholar and educator who fosters and promotes philosophical, historical, and critical work and research in rhetoric and public discourse. Dr. McCann’s work, which encompasses pop and social culture, political influence, and how communication has adapted and changed through these lenses, broadens the research and fundamentals of rhetorical theory that Dr. Wallace established throughout his career. While the Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award focuses on scholarly pursuits and achievements, it also gives credence to Dr. McCann’s success in the classroom, where like Dr. Wallace, he fosters independent thinking and conclusions, and fostering relationships between students in order to build understanding and create a diverse learning environment.

For more information about the National Communication Association and the Karl R. Wallace Memorial award, you can visit here and here.