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Dual enrollment (DE) provides students with a number of benefits that can help them jump-start their collegiate career. However, it is important to note that the grades earned in DE courses are part of a student’s permanent college transcript.

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Student Benefits

  • DE allows students to take LSU courses in the familiar high school environment with teachers and other students they know.
  • DE provides students with the opportunity to take many of their first year college courses while still in high school, which can shorten the time it will take to complete a degree at LSU.
  • DE offers LSU courses at a discounted tuition rate.
  • DE prepares students to be successful in sequential coursework at LSU.
  • DE students who earn credit from LSU in College Algebra and Trigonometry on average have a higher GPA after their first year at LSU than students who do not have that DE credit.

Student Requirements

  • Students must be currently enrolled in a public or private Louisiana high school participating in the LSU College Readiness Program.
  • Students must be in good standing as defined by their high school.
  • Students must meet the specific requirements and pre-requisites for each individual college course.
  • Students must be enrolled in the high school course which corresponds to the appropriate university course with a grade recorded for each on both the student’s secondary and postsecondary academic record.

LSU does not offer DE courses directly to individual students. High schools must participate in the LSU College Readiness Program in order for a student to be enrolled in an LSU DE course.  

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