Who We Are

We are LSU faculty and staff who stand in solidarity with the A/AAPI community. We are tenured and untenured faculty, deans, department chairs and coordinators, directors of academic programs, university administrators, high computational physicists, veterinarians, English teachers, literary critics, psychologists, geologists, professionals in residence, art historians, and so much more. We speak many languages; we are members of many faith communities; we have cross-generational roots in many nations; we are composed of many ethnicities. But we are united in our belief that we are stronger together

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What We Do  

The A/AAPI Faculty and Staff Caucus will create a forum for our community through:

Building Community

  • Developing professional, educational, and community support networks, including outreach to A/AAPI faculty, staff, and students across LSU. 

Advocating for Equity and Inclusion

  • Ensuring the inclusion of A/AAPI perspectives in all conversations on diversity, equality, and inclusion at LSU. 
  • Increasing the number of A/AAPI faculty and staff in leadership positions at the university. 
  • Ensuring and maintaining equitable treatment in recruitment, hiring, retention, tenure, and promotion cases.
  • Creating a work environment that is anti- xenophobic, anti-racist, and culturally affirming for all ethnic groups, including A/AAPIs.

Raising Awareness

  • Enhancing the visibility of the A/AAPI community through social, cultural, and educational events.
  • Increasing, broadening, and deepening existing curriculums, workshops, lectures, seminars, meetings, employee assistance programs.
  • Promoting awareness of A/AAPI issues through educational and cultural programming. 

Fighting Against Injustice

  • Advocating for the investigation of anti-Asian bias, racism, xenophobia, and harassment; informing the University administration of these concerns; assisting in suggesting and implementing recommendations required to resolve these issues.  

Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (A/AAPI) Faculty and Staff Caucus at LSU By-Laws