PhD Educational Leadership & Research: Educational Research

Applied Research Measurement & Evaluation (ARME) program | 56-57 hours

The Educational Research Methodology program prepares research methods specialists for positions in K-12, higher education, government agencies, research centers and other settings in which expertise in research methods is required. Graduates hold positions as research scientists, evaluators, statisticians, etc. Many pursue careers as faculty in research extensive or teaching universities.

Admission Requirements

Students with Bachelor’s degree may be admitted to the PhD program. As part of their coursework they will complete the requirements for the Master of Arts in ARME. A minor is recommended, but optional. Research methodology is an interdisciplinary field. We accept students with backgrounds in different fields.

Required Coursework

ELRC 7299 Introduction to Scholarship in Education (3 hours)
EDCI 7910 Traditions of Inquiry in Education (3 hours)

ELRC 7006 Educational Statistics (4 hours)
ELRC 7241 Educational Research Methodology (3 hours)
ELRC 7243 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research  (4 hours)

Leadership course: choose a leadership course from CHSE offerings

Select 4 courses:

ELRC 7010 Principles of Testing and Measurement (3 hours)
ELRC 7016 Advanced Educational Statistics (4 hours)
ELRC 7220 Educational Program Evaluation (3 hours)
ELRC 7280 Content Analysis of Qualitative Data (3 hours)
ELRC 7290 Seminar: Educational Research Methodology - Survey Research Methods (3 hours)
ELRC 7263 Advanced Qualitative Methods (3 hours)
ELRC 7270 Mixed Methods Research in Education (3 hours)

You may choose a research course (3 hours) from other program or departments to meet your needs.

Select courses from an allied field (e.g., curriculum & instruction, sociology, anthropology, marketing) or establish a formal minor with a minor professor in another department (e.g., anthropology, experimental statistics, political science, psychology).

ELRC 7249 Advanced Research Practicum (3 hours)
ELRC 9000 Dissertation Research (9 hours)

The student must pass a General Exam consisting of written questions and a comprehensive oral exam; write a dissertation proposal and pass an oral defense of the proposal; and write a dissertation and pass an oral defense of the dissertation.




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