Where to Give


Invest in Students

TAMStudentsEndowed Student Support

Endowed gifts to support students are gifts that are invested and managed in a way that allows them, over time, to provide an income stream to the beneficiary while maintaining the gift's purchasing power in perpetuity. Your donation for an endowment provides a dependable source of financial support that will benefit students for years to come. Each year, a portion of the gift's interest is awarded as a scholarship or award.

Non-Endowed Student Support

Scholarship donations provide students the financial support to obtain their education. Non-endowed scholarships also allow the college to recruit and retain outstanding students, provide support to students in need and allows for enrichment opportunities such as study abroad experiences. 

Invest in Faculty

FacultyEndowed Chairs

This is one of the most prestigious endowments at LSU. An endowed chair provides perpetual support for outstanding faculty members and is named by the donor who funds it. A portion of the total return generated by the endowment fund for a chair is typically spent to supplement the chair holder's salary, as well as provide additional income for such special purposes as purchasing publications that complement the chair's work, hiring graduate and post-doctoral students to assist in research projects, and buying research equipment that could not otherwise be made available.


Endowed Professorship

An endowed professorship provides perpetual support for outstanding faculty members. Each professorship is named by the donor  who funds it. An endowed professorship provides resources to recognize a professor's academic achievement and enables him or her to pursue research and/or innovative teaching methods.


Invest in Departments

DepartmentsEach school and department in the LSU College of Agriculture has a development fund. These funds allow for enhancement of teaching and research as well support for student organizations, travel expenses, scholarships, certfications and student employees. 






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