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Seminar Announcement

JMP Pro Statistical Software for Teaching and Research

Sept. 15, 2023

JMP Pro statistics software combines comprehensive statistical capabilities with an interactive, no-code interface. Its ease-of-use makes it a strong teaching tool, and its powerful analysis capabilities have led to adoption across academia and industry. All LSU faculty and students have access to JMP Pro (download on tigerware.lsu.edu).

On Sept. 15, the JMP Academic team will deliver two seminars on JMP Pro for basic-to-advanced data visualization, statistical modeling, and machine learning.

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Thanos Gentimis and President Tate
Combine harvests field

President William F. Tate IV speaks to LSU assistant professor in experimental statistics, Thanos Gentimis. He discusses his field of expertise, which is data analytics with a special interest in machine learning and neural networks. Thanos created the first digital agriculture class at LSU and discusses how AI will soon shape the world of agriculture and farming.

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