MWI Animal Health

MWI Animal Health is a supplier of veterinary equipment & supplies for Louisiana State University.

Benefits of the master contract supplier relationship are that LSU receives outstanding pricing on MWI veterinary supplies & equipment, free freight, no-hassle return policy, dedicated on-campus representation, and additional discounts for bulk ordering.  Instructions for using a punch-out out catalog can be found in the "Create Requisition from Supplier Website" job aid available at Workday Training > Finance Training > Procurement.

Local Sales Representatives

Gary Britt
Territory Manager
Cell: 225-241-5553

Shaad Stevison
Director of Sales - Gulf States Region
Cell: 225-324-5748


All questions concerning this contract should be directed to LSU Procurement at 225-578-2176 or

Rev. 3/19/2024

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Competitively bid through the
University of Florida (UF)
ITN #17JL-129 Veterinary Supplies for Veterinary Colleges, Programs and Stockrooms

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