AS Forms

Administration Forms
AS552: Student Employment Application
Accounts Payable & Travel Forms
AS02: Miscellaneous Check Request
AS116: University-Prepared Vendor Invoice
AS209: Special Handling Payment Request
AS292-A: Employee Spend Authorization Attachment
AS295: Request to Travel to Restricted Regions for Individual Travelers
AS296: Request to Travel to Restricted Regions for Student Study Trips
AS297: Faculty and Staff Emergency Contact Form
AS350: Travel Supplemental Information
AS441: Nonresident Alien Check Request
AS493: Wire Transfer Request
AS499: Request for Approval of Special Meal
AS506: Use of University Funds - Special Meals
AS516: Request for Authorization to Reimburse Expenses
AS521: Request for Authorization to Reimburse Relocation Expenses
AS527: Request for Declining Balance Cards for University Program Participant
AS527-A: Receipt of Declining Balance Card
AS540: Request for Approval - Cook Conference Center
AS541: Request for Direct Deposit of Employee Reimbursement
AS566: Compliance Statement for Payments to Visitors in Business or Tourist Status
AS776: Prepaid Debit Card Participant Agreement
W-9 : Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification
Instructions for W-9
R-1376: Certificate of Gov. Exemption/Payment of Hotel Lodging Taxes
R-1392: Sales Tax Exemption for Employee Travel Expenses
DA 2054: Authorization and Driving History Form
AS150: Paypal Transaction Documentation & Approval
AS700: LaCarte Enrollment
AS701: LaCarte Agreement
AS701-R: LaCarte Renewal Agreement
AS702: LaCarte Maintenance
AS703: LaCarte Transaction Log
AS704: LaCarte Disputed Item
AS800: Centrally Billed Account Enrollment & Agreement
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) Forms
AS32: Stop Payment Request
AS465: Request to Fund Project from Maintenance Reserve
AS500: Request for Copy of an LSU Check
AS502: Request for Agency/Clearing
AS505: Request for Program
AS509: Request to Establish Endowed Scholarship
AS551: Request for Project
AS600: FDM Request Form - Expense, Ledger, Revenue, Spend
AS600-A: FDM Request Form - Cost Center
AS600-B: FDM Request Form - Budget, Classification, Debt, Loan, Transfer Company
Bursar Operations Forms
AS537: Credit Card Merchant Agreement and Request
AS538: Request for Use of Credit Card Terminal
AS539: Responsibilities of Credit Card Handlers and Processors
AS548: Request for Distribution of Cash Incentive Payments
AS549: Acknowledgement of Cash Incentive Payment
Payroll Forms
AS160: Salary Reduction Authorization

AS35: Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits

AS35I: Authorization Agreement for ACH Insurance Deductions

AS532: Request for Direct Deposit Waiver
AS387: Request for Duplicate Tax Information Forms
AS481: Change of Address
AS565: Alien Tax Information Request (ATAX)
AS421: Lump Sum Timesheet
AS420: Supplemental Timesheet
AS107: Biweekly Timesheet
AS545: Employee Request for Medical Insurance Enrollment Confirmation for Vesting Purposes
AS542: Request for Cellular Telephone Service
AS570: Courtesy Car Declaration
AS571: Courtesy Car Mileage Log
Taxable Income Calculation-Annual Lease Value
IRS Annual Lease Value Table
Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) Forms
AS226: Request for a Non-Payroll Cost Transfer
AS227: Justification for Payroll Accounting Adjustment
AS492: Request to Establish Basic Gift - LSU Foundation
AS494: Request to Establish Tentative Grant
AS498: Request to Establish Scholarship/Fellowship
AS522: Notice of Gift to LSU
AS529: Internal Rebudget Request for LBR Enhancement Contracts
AS530: Internal Rebudget Request for Research & Development Contracts
AS550: Request for Prior Approval to Charge Maintenance/Repair Costs to Sponsored Projects to Non-Federal Sponsored Projects
AS555: Rebudget Request
AS560: Certification of In-Kind Cost Sharing
AS851: Request to Establish Cost Sharing Grant l Unrestricted
AS852: Request to Establish Cost Sharing Grant l Restricted
AS853: Request to Establish Cost Sharing Grant l LSU Foundation
OSP-2: Request to Modify an Existing Award


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