AS Forms  

Invoice Processing
AS02: Miscellaneous Check Request
AS116: University Prepared Vendor Invoice
AS209: Special Handling Payment Request
AS493: Wire Transfer Request
AS527: Request for Declining Balance Cards for University Program Participant
AS527-A: Receipt of Declining Balance Card
AS541-NW: Expense Reimbursement for Non-workers
AS548: Request for Distribution of Cash Incentive Payments
AS549: Acknowledgment of Receipt of Cash Incentive Payment
AS580: Direct Charge Worksheet


AS700: LaCarte Enrollment
AS701: LaCarte Agreement
AS701-R: LaCarte Renewal Agreement
AS702: LaCarte Maintenance
AS703: LaCarte Transaction Log
AS704: LaCarte Disputed Item
Nonresident Alien
AS02: Miscellaneous Check Request
AS292-A: Spend Authorization Attachment
AS295: Request to Travel to Restricted Regions for Individual Travelers
AS296: Request to Travel to Restricted Regions for Student Study Trips
AS297: Faculty/Staff Emergency Contact Form
AS300-NW: Travel Expense Reimbursement Request for Non-workers
AS350: Travel Supplemental Information
AS499: Request for Approval of Special Meal
AS516: Request for Authorization to Travel for Non-worker
AS521: Request for Authorization to Reimburse Relocation Expenses
AS540: Request for Approval of Cook Conference Center (Lodging, Conference Room Rental & Catering)
AS776: Prepaid Debit Card Participant Agreement
AS800: Centrally Billed Account Enrollment & Agreement
LSU Acknowledgement Agreement: Passengers in State-owned or Rental Vehicle


AS Forms


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