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Hazing Prevention Education

In 2018, the Louisiana Legislature passed the Max Gruver Act instituting state-wide hazing definitions and penalties and Hazing Prevention Education.

In accordance with the law, LSU worked to strengthen LSU Hazing Policy and Education efforts to continue educate students, faculty, and staff.

Max Gruver Act

Spring 2020 Campus Implementation

 Reminder: If you have added members to your organization since October 01, 2019 the deadline to certify or if you are a new student organization since this date, you will need to certify your members and /or new members. All members must have completed Hazing Prevention Education training by March 01, 2020. See additional details below:

Requirement: Each new student shall be provided educational information on the dangers of and prohibition on hazing during the new student orientation process in the form of a handbook.

  • LSU's is promoting and marketing the online resource at to all incoming students.


Requirement: Beginning in the fall semester of 2019, each new student shall be provided educational information on the dangers of and prohibition on hazing during the new student orientation process either in person or electronically.

  • LSU is presenting Hazing Prevention Education at new student orientation programs.


Requirement: Each organization as defined in Max Gruver Act shall provide annually at least one hour of hazing prevention education to all members and prospective members. The education may be provided in person, electronically, or both. Each organization shall submit a report annually to the institution with which it is affiliated relative to the students receiving such education evidenced by an attestation of the student receiving the education.

  • LSU's Hazing Prevention Education Committee developed a comprehensive curriculum for student organizations/groups with course learning objectives including:
    • Define the university's Hazing Policy, Coercive Behavior Policy, and the Max Gruver Act.
    • Identify hazing warning signs and behaviors.
    • Identify university and community hazing education resources.
    • Define bystander intervention.
      • The bystander effect
      • Five-step decision making model (steps to intervening)
      • Three D’s of intervention (three intervention types)
    • Apply principles of bystander intervention.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of reporting options for suspected hazing incidents.
  • LSU offers both in-person and online Hazing Prevention Education courses.

    • In-person workshop

    • Online Moodle workshop

Enroll in Community Moodle Course


  • LSU requires annual certification in Hazing Prevention Education training for all student groups or organizations.
    • Primary contacts for all student groups or student organizations are required to certify that members of the group they represent have completed one hour of either in-person or online Hazing Prevention training at least once per year. 


Each Student Organization/Group must certify that an hour of Hazing Prevention Education has been provided to all members of the organization/group by October 1 of each year. (This deadline extends to March 1 for spring members or new student organizations.)

  1. Click on the Reporting Form link below.
  2. Complete the form and select ‘Submit’ to ensure full submission of Certification.
  3. If you are submitting more than one Certification Form follow the instructions below:
  4. Select ‘TigerLink Report Form’
  5. Select the ‘New Submission’
  6. Complete Form and select "Submit" to ensure full submission of Certification.

Student Org-Group Hazing Prevention Education Annual Certification