PSA Students and Departments

PSA Students and Departments

Partnership Assistance:

  • Establish a department profile to present to potential partners
  • Identify Partners and make initial contact
  • Ensure contracts are aligned with LSU’s broader policies and goals
  • Support PSA contractual agreements and award approval procedures
  • Provide in-house professional development opportunities for graduate students
  • Provide workshops for mentoring faculty

Program Requirements


  • Recruit students in master's and doctoral degree programs
  • Identify qualified students based on Partner needs
  • Provide necessary documentation to PSA staff (e.g., contract agreements, programmatic documentation, mentorship agreements, etc.)
  • Provide faculty assistance to students consistent with the academic and Partner needs
  • Communicate all inquiries to PSA staff


  • Maintain full time status and good academic standing
  • Work 20 hours per week in person, unless otherwise specified by Partnering supervisor
  • Maintain reliable transportation
  • Participate in professional development opportunities provided by SIGS
  • Complete all requirements from department, Partner, and SIGS (i.e. contractual agreements, program plans, mentorship agreements, etc.)
  • Participate in PSA symposium
  • Cannot hold multiple assistantships from one or more units on campus

    All interested students should contact their departments for more information regarding the availability of PSA assistantships.

Participating Units

Our PSA Program is excited to welcome its inaugural group of participating units. Department details will be added soon. 

College Participating Departments
College of Agriculture Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising
College of Art and Design  School of Architecture 
College of Engineering Biological and Agricultural Engineering
College of Human Sciences and Education LSU School of Education
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Geography and  Anthropology 
School of Leadership and Human Resource Development
College of Music and Dramatic Arts School of Music
School of Theatre
Manship School of Mass Communication Strategic Communication
Mass Communication 
Media and Public Affairs