You want to shape our world, whether it's by building bridges or finding new energy solutions. A career in engineering may be for you. 



You are drawn to a building's perfect archway or the magnificence of a skyscraper.

Students in an architecture class

Biological Engineering

You want to know the origins of things and how they got to where they are today. 

Students in a biological engineering lab.

Chemical Engineering

You don't want to work in just one field of science. You're the type of person who wants to know it all. 

Student works in chemical engineering lab.

Civil Engineering

You are fascinated by your surroundings and how they connect to the world around us. 

Student works in civil engineering program

Computer Engineering

You are fascinated by what makes a video game great and want to develop the next platform and software.

Computer engineering student creates program.

Construction Management

You are a born leader and have the knowledge to build projects from the ground up. 

Students oversee construction site.

Electrical Engineering

You want to learn how to make collecting and transmitting information more effective.

Electrical engineering student works on project.

Environmental Engineering

You like the great outdoors and all of the natural resources it provides.

Environmental engineering students test ph levels.

Information Systems & Decision Sciences

You are fascinated with technology and precision, and dream of working in a corporate setting.

ITS students work on project.

Industrial Engineering

You want to make complex processes easier in everyday life.

Student makes process more efficient.

Interior Design

You dream of designing homes and/or modern and functional spaces to make life livable and productive.

Interior design student gives a presentation.

Landscape Architecture

You want to design, plan for and manage our land and cities.

Landscape architecture gives presentation.

Mechanical Engineering

You enjoy building things from the ground up, and making them function is what you live for. 

Mechanical engineering students build car from scratch.

Petroleum Engineering

You are the type of person who wants to use our natural resources smartly and efficiently with the smallest environmental impact.

Student conduct research on oil rig.