Elementary Grades Education (Grades 1-5)

Elementary Grades Education

You are interested in helping students achieve a strong educational foundation.


About Elementary Grades Education

This interdisciplinary teacher education program has three available tracks: a four-year program; a five-year program that leads to a Master of Arts in teaching; and the dual certification in general and special education. You will specialize in grades 1-5.


Concentrations Available:

Four-year Teacher Certification

Our Bachelor of Science in elementary grades education is a four-year program that provides students with a broad academic background and the skills necessary for teachers of elementary children in grades 1-5.


Five-year Certification with Master’s Degree (Holmes Certification: Grades 1-5)

For students who wish to spend extended time developing expertise, the Holmes Elementary Program is a one-year master’s program for those who have completed the Holmes concentration in elementary education from LSU. Students completing this five-year program will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in elementary grades education, a Master of Arts in teaching (MAT), and teacher certification in grades 1-5.


Possible Careers 

Grades 1-5 teacher
School administrator
Special education teacher   


Program Requirements

Once you're an LSU student, you'll need to meet the requirements below to continue pursuing this major.

  • 24 hours of credit in 1000-level courses or higher
  • 2.5 GPA (LSU and overall)

Senior College

College of Human Sciences & Education


B.S., Bachelor of Science

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Lab Hours or Field Work: ⚫︎⚫︎⚪︎
  • History & Law: ⚫︎⚪︎⚪︎
  • Math: ⚫︎⚪︎⚪︎
  • Science: ⚫︎⚪︎⚪︎
  • Technology: ⚫︎⚪︎⚪︎

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