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Peer Reviewed Publications

Barton, M.S., Weil, F.D., Valasik, M., Rackin, H., & Coto, L. (2020). What was Washed Away and What Remained: An Assessment of the Influence of Hurricane Katrina on Crime in New Orleans. Journal of Crime and Justice. doi: 10.1080/0735648X.2020.1749712

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Tumin, D., & Kroeger, R.A. (2020). Private Insurance Coverage in Same-Sex Couples after Obergefell v. Hodges. LGBT Health.

Book Chapters

Valasik, M. & Reid, S.E. (2020). Distinguishing between aggression in groups and in gangs: Are gangs always violent? In J. L. Ireland (Ed.) The Routledge International Handbook on Collective Violence: Current Issues and Perspectives (pp. 273-290). New York, NY. Routledge.

Book Reviews

Valasik, M. (2020). The Three Pillars Of Radicalization: Needs, Narratives, And Networks by Arie Kruglanski, Jocelyn Bélanger & Rohan Gunaratna. Rutgers Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Ashihara, K., Kim, H., Kamo, Y., & Sung, S.H. (2019). Do Management Level and Perceived Organizational Support of Maternity Affect Views on Gender Parity and Work Satisfaction? Journal of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society 44: 45-64.

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Forrest, D.L., Kroeger, R.A., & Stroope, S. (2019). Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms and Bullying Victimization Among Children with Autism in the United StatesJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. doi: 10.1007/s10803-019-04282-9

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 Book Chapters

 Kroeger R.A. & Powers D.A. (2019) Examining Same-Sex Couples Using Dyadic Data Methods. In: Schoen R. (eds) Analytical Family Demography. The Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, vol 47. Springer, Cham

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Valasik, M. & Reid, S. E. (2019). “Taking Stock of Gang Violence: An Overview of the Literature” in M B. Greene, B. Johnson, & L. Degutis (Eds.) Handbook of Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan: Springer Science/Nature. Doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-62122-7_105-1


Peer Reviewed Publications

Baker, J.O., Stroope, S., & Walker, M.H. (2018). Secularity, religiosity, and health: Physical and mental health differences between atheists, agnostics, and nonaffiliated theists compared to religiously affiliated individuals. Social Science Research. doi: 10.1016/j.ssresearch.2018.07.003

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Book Chapters

Valasik, M. & Tita. G.E. (2018) Gangs and Space. In S. D. Johnson & G. Bruinsma (Eds.). Chapter 36. The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Criminology (pp. 843-871). Oxford, UK. Oxford University Press.

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Book Reviews

Lee, M.R. (2018). Big House on the Prairie: Rise of the Rural Ghetto and Prison Proliferation by John M. Eason. American Journal of Sociology. 124(1): 227-229.