Financial Aid

Undergraduate Students

Students enrolling to study History at LSU have a number of options to help them navigate the costs of university attendance. The State of Louisiana, through the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, covers the cost of tuition, and some fees, for students who are Louisiana residents and maintain a certain Grade Point Average. Most students majoring in History meet the minimum GPA standard for TOPS, and many will also qualify for an additional TOPS stipend on the basis of their academic success. For details on the different levels of awards, see: TOPS

Students are encouraged to seek financial assistance also by exploring need-based and merit-based fellowships and scholarships both from university and external sources. The LSU Office of Admissions website offers help in starting this process at their website: Financial Aid. More information about Financial Aid: LSU General Catalog

Undergraduate history majors are also eligible to apply for one of a number of scholarships endowed in the names of Robert Bersuder, Harold & Gay Meaker, Richard Cole, Gary Crump, and the Woodin-Dearing scholarship. Each award is worth $1,000 to help cover the cost of attendance during the student’s sophomore, junior, or senior year. A committee awards the scholarships at the end of the Spring semester after reviewing applications including the student’s academic record and an essay and Statement of Purpose.

Graduate Students

Students enrolling in the Masters and Doctoral programs will often qualify for Teaching and/or Research Assistantships. However, the number of these positions is limited, and the department cannot promise this form of support to every student in his or her first year. LSU’s Center for Academic Success, through its Supplemental Instruction program, now offers students a chance to supplement their income while gaining additional valuable classroom experience. Advanced graduate students may be considered for one among a small number of competitive research fellowships that are awarded each year, typically to help fund the final stages of dissertation work. For more information on financing options for graduate study, contact Director of Graduate Studies Alecia P. Long or visit Graduate Fellowships