CPLT Graduate Minor Requirements | LSU Comparative Literature

Graduate Minor Requirements

Our minors have hailed from English, French, Theatre, and more. They benefit intellectually, expand their understanding of literature and culture world-wide, and learn comparative methods of inquiry. They also become part of our diverse, international community of students and professors.

To receive a minor in Comparative Literature, students must complete 9 hours of Comparative Literature (CPLT) courses. 

They must also demonstrate language competency in at least three languages, including their native tongue. To fulfill this requirement, students must do one of the following: 

  • Successfully complete a 7000-level course in the national literature/language.
  • Submit results from a standardized language competency exam.
  • Pass a translation exam administered by the Comparative Literature Program or the specific department that teaches the language/literature in which they would like to demonstrate competency.

Finally, they must add a Minor Professor drawn from the Comparative Literature faculty to their General Exam and Dissertation Committees. To find a Minor Professor, please check our faculty list. The Minor Professor cannot be the same person as the student's Major Professor (that is, the Dissertation Director), even if the Major Professor is a member of the Comparative Literature faculty.

If you would like more information on the Graduate Minor in Comparative Literature, contact the Director of Comparative Literature at cplt@lsu.edu.

Please note: to formally declare the Comparative Literature Graduate Minor, students need to register the degree with the Graduate School in D. Boyd Hall.